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Jan 18, 2010
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It's a tinted B&W, but still B&W, at least to me ...

I kinda like it. I might burn the edges down a little to emphasize that nice tonal gradation from sides to center, but it's pretty darn good as is. One might almost say that it has a tasteful mix of balance, unity, and variety ;)

There's not enough content here it hold me, though. It's abstract-ish, but there's no actual ambiguity about what I am looking at, so once I've looked for a few moments, I'm finished. I can see this as a very nice piece of decor, since it's a very pleasing and calm picture.
Nice detail, nice contrast.

I may have slid the darker leaf up and to the right slightly. The left edge of the darker leaf mirrors the line of the vein in the lighter leaf nicely. I think the shift of the darker leaf would bring that out just a little more.
Thanks guys!

deeky - they were both still attached to the plant, so it would have been a little awkward, but I do see what you mean.

Andrew - I will tinker with the edges some. I understand what you said about content, but I enjoy getting lost in the details whether I know what it is or not, which I suppose is why I do this sort of thing. I hope all goes well with your family today, or whenever.

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