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Feb 19, 2016
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Yes I am leaving, I only just signed up here a week ago and had some fabulous advise frome some great people.
In my introduction i said that I love critique but some people read that as plain insults. Nothing constructive.
Lucky a few decent photogs picked up on it and with their help I have finished my shot how I wanted it. Hence I stayed for a while to reply in the posts I did.
But I dont need a forum where someone can just talk someone down, it does not help we are all artists and we need a push at times, not down talking.

Otherwise this group would have been great no doubt.
I just had a quick look at some of your threads, and I got a different impression. I saw many good helpful tips, and only one poster who was more negative. So if one person shoos you away, good luck to you.

And we ARE a good group. Overall.
I'm sorry you feel you have to leave.

To be honest, I struggled with my first post for critique as well. Before the responses even stopped coming in, I had to take a break from the forum to cry and cuss people out for a few days. And my critiques weren't half as harsh as yours.

But then I decided to come back. If all these pros were saying the same thing, then they must be right, even if they weren't very good at expressing it. I've worked as a teacher, so I understand what you're saying about needing praise and instruction alongside criticism. But the posters here are photographers, not trained teachers, and many struggle with that aspect of it.

Anyway, I took their advice, going back to the very basics that (if I'm being totally honest) I was conceited enough to think were beneath me. As it turns out, I didn't know as much as I thought I did.

What it came down to for me is that my priority is improving. I see a huge gap between what I can do and what I want to do. I'll do anything to close that gap. If that means dealing with the occasional troll or even the well-intentioned but rude professional, I will.

Stephen King says that an artist needs two people in their life: one to praise everything they do and one to be totally honest. I have two websites. Facebook praises me to high heaven, and this forum is totally honest. I need both to grow.

I hope you're able to take a few days to let the sting fade and then come back. If not, I wish you the best in all your endeavors.
I am all self taught and rely on youtube and advice from good people like you. Since I am a rubbish face to face student or school environment or course environment.
I come from a long road.
Yes it was only the one that was harsh, but it was pure down talking, not critique.
I suffer from depression, photography is my way out, a way to release my stress and that together with my dogs I am moving forward.
yours and the admin and gary's comments were the most helpful. Some said the studio was too small, I disagreed and with yours and garys help i prooved them wrong. So I do not let critique let me down.
I just think there are photogs about who think that talking people down helps. I am sure we can all agree that we ALL are still learning.
WE ALL still have struggles and take the odd bad photo, especially when you are trying something new.
I think it bothered me so much because it was one of the first comments that was totally out of order which gave the wrong impression to me. 4 people helped me out,.. one of that was out of order. So in my eyes that is not a good rate.

I may stay but to be honest I have been very reluctant to post more on here.
There are jerks on every internet site. TPF is relatively mild in comparison to some of the travel boards. If you feel that someone is taking out the frustrations of their unhappy life on you, just click on the unhelpful person's name and there is an option to "ignore". No need to worry about them ever again. I had read your other threads and thought you had gotten some decent advice and honest critique. Stick around.
4 people helped me out,.. one of that was out of order. So in my eyes that is not a good rate.
It all depends on what you want/need out of life. If you want only praise, show them to your mother.
4 people helped me out,.. one of that was out of order. So in my eyes that is not a good rate.
It all depends on what you want/need out of life. If you want only praise, show them to your mother.

tHhe 3 others didnt praise,.. they said what was wrong and what to do or pointed me in right direction,.. thats how it should be

first one was plain rude and said to stop completely
I think you have an unrealistic view of how the world should treat you.
If you can't deal with a random unpleasantry along with many more actual positive comments, you are in for a difficult time.
This place is very mild compared with most and you will be in deep crap when you get a client who is unhappy with your work.

(BTW, I thought that 'flounce' threads were deleted.)

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