Leica Leitz 1: It's a Phone!


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Oct 21, 2016
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I ran across this video recently and I do not have a formal announcement -- yet. If I have time I will look for it. The "Leica Leitz 1" is a re-developed version of a Sharp phone, which Leica worked on, and featured, I believe, the first 1" sensor camera on a smartphone. The Leica branded version features a "focus" on monochrome photography, as is fitting for the camera company. Recent years have seen many of the major camera companies involved in phones.

"Leica Leitz 1 Unboxing + Hands-On + Camera Test",
Posted Jul 22, 2021 by "ben's gadget reviews", [Length 11:28]
No telling what that red dot will get stuck on next!?

Deluxe aspirational sucker bait...

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