Sony Announces Xperia Pro "I"


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Oct 21, 2016
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It is interesting to see that Sony is managing to produce surprising photographic phones. The Xperia Pro "I" (pronounced "eye" and stands for "Imaging") surprised me. If Sony had decided to skip a year and bring out an upgrade to the Xperia Pro next year, I think that would have been a reasonable move. So that is the first surprise. The second is how different the "Pro I" is from the "Pro". The zoom lens is gone and instead, Sony has brought out a 1" sensor, which is like the Sharp R6 and Leica Leitz 1 phones. But Sony has a 2 setting aperture, two additional cameras. Sony also added "ribbing" to the outer edge of the camera. I was just recently thinking that this would be a good move for cooling. And yes, there is more. There are no complete reports yet, but the following was the best from what I have seen so far:

"Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-on",
Posted Oct 25, 2021 by "CNET", [Length 10:20]

Oh, and yes, it is expensive.
I use Sony gear for my Photography- but a Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra as my go too phone - and I have NEVER used the camera on the phone

I have expensive camera's and numerous lenses for my photography

Les :)
Overall I agree with you guys, but having carried my Xperia 10 iii for the last couple of months, and thought about it, I can see exactly 1 advantage of carrying a good camera-phone instead of a real camera. When I carry a real camera but not for a real project, I usually carry it with a wide angle to short tele zoom, or a slightly wide normal lens. But if I happen upon a situation where a more "tele" lens is needed, Think about a dog running off with a lady's hat at 20 meters. Possibly a nice humorous picture -- the most I'll get with my usual setup might be a barely recognizable handful of pixels.. If I had been carrying an Xperia 1 iii (which has a longer tele than my Xperia 10 iii), I might get a reasonable picture. But that's really the only case I see for an upper price camera-phone. Anything from a standard to wide angle, I believe I could get a better picture from something like the cameras I really do carry normally. And of course, if I am going somewhere specifically to do "serious photography", I'll have a lens appropriate to that situation, and if something like the dog scenario occurred by chance, it is likely that I'd already have a longer tele-zoom already mounted.
Frankly, I find the fussy parochialism about what one makes an image with tiresome--if not absurd in late 2021. My take has always been that photography is highly occasional--i.e., "produced on or intended for a special occasion." To me, ever-better phone cameras simply widen opportunities to capture images that matter personally, whenever or wherever. Hardly the basis for complaint.

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