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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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I took two photos this morning and noticed something peculiar...I don't seem to be able to put my finger on it, but the photos look strange...out-of-focus in strange areas...

Here's what I mean:

#1 (Some of the transformers are in focus while one towards top of frame is not, middle of trunk is in focus while lower of trunk is not...)

#2 (Almost looks like motion blur yet this was not hand-held)

What would cause the OOF issues in seemingly random areas of the photo? This just started happening this morning.
If you hadn't of said otherwise I would have thought these pictures, especially the last one, were taken with a lens baby.

To me it looks like an element of the lens has come loose, or shifted in some way. As you're running a Powershot and can't change the lens to test, it looks like it's time to send the camera for a service IMO.
The bottom of the telephone pole can be explained as DOF fall off but that doesn't explain the transformer or the other photo.

I agree it could be a physical problem with the lens but I have another suspicion. I think it could also be the camera's IS system. I've noted similar problems with many of the sensor side IS systems -- I'd try a test with IS turned off if that camera will permit it.

It certainly will, I will give that a try as soon as I get to go out for a break...thanks for the assistance...that's what I get for taking 11,000 photos with this thing since May 18, 2010...I think it may be trying to commit suicide so it won't have to put up with my "snapshots" anymore...:lmao:
I would do a little more experiementing before I send it to the repair shop. Your depth of field in the second image at that aperture is only about 5", so while the effectis interesting, I don't think there's anything out of whack. I don't have a DoF measurement for the first one, but again, given your proximity to the subject, it's going to be fairly shallow, even at f8. Find something like a long fence or something to shoot, and do a series incrementaly increasing or decreasing aperture, and try a few at infinity. I think all is okay.
This is the effect my broken zoom lens is giving me - sometimes. At other times I get photos in focus all over. And then again I get a blurred corner where there shouldn't be any blur, by any means. I'm sure a glass inside has become loose and is moving (by a fraction of millimetres, which is enough to throw a corner or part of the photo into blurriness).

That lens was totally ok and reliable at first, and developed its "disease" after 1 1/2 years (yes, I admit to having only el-cheapo glass, can't afford any better). Now I must live with it and be unhappy about any photo for which I had high hopes upon taking it, finding it's got "the bad corner". :( No chance for a replacement, either. Hmph.
I do not believe I can manually set the aperture, all I can really do is try to trick it into using what I want it to use...I will take another photo at infinity though and post it here in this thread in just a few minutes...
Apologizing in advance for not resizing but its less than a meg anyways...

First - "Normal" Focus

Second - "Infinite" Focus

Chairs seem to be OOF in both versions...camera kept choosing 2.7 as aperture...both photos were used with a tripod and far wall was used as focus point
Does this camera have focus points?
The lens may be damaged, but it may be the camera.

Do you have a friend who may lend you his camera to test the lens?
How are you acheiving infinite focus? Looking at your EXIF data, both images seem identical.
Try going outside and shooting a "real" infinity shot (as in hundreds or more yards) at your widest and longest zoom settings.
Going outside will have to wait apparently as we are a tad short-handed in the office today...

For the focus question on this p&s (or p of s as the case may be), there is a button that lets me choose between macro, normal and infinite...I chose the latter two...first normal and then infinite...I looked at the exif data as well and noticed it doesn't mention the focus choice I made...I have almost no control over the aperture with this camera...

I will definitely go outside later and do another photo that has a focus point further away...

Should be able to follow the link in my sig to learn more about the camera I use...
I had a read of the manual for you camera; I was surprised that there indeed seems to be no way to control the aperture (or really other manual function). It's indeed possible that something's gone kattywampus in your lens, but it looks to me like it's focusing on a specific point. We'll wait for the out door images.
tirediron, just visited your site...nice! I will definitely go check it out more comprehensively once I get a chance...I'll have mine up and running better soon...

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