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Mar 2, 2009
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North Bend, WA
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What do you guys use?

I have Quantaray Lens Cleaning Fluid, but it seems to smear. :thumbdown:
I use a lens pen and a micro fiber cloth
A soft lint-free lens cloth and a *huff* of breath. Avoid using lens-cleaning fluid in all but the most extreme circumstances.
Same I use a micro fiber with a little dragon breath............LOL
Well, I got my Macbook a few months ago, and my lens was still looking horrible to this date, kinda embarrassed to show it to anyone, lol.

But the little cleaning cloth that came with my mac, recommended putting it under water, and then cleaning the screen on your mac. Well, I tried it on my lens today, and it looks brand new now!
I was a liquid lens cleaner type person until the lens pens came out. Absolutely the best way to clean a lens. They are not that pricey either. Much better at cleaning than tissue and liquid.

But if you have to use liquid. Do not put a drop on the lens! Start with several tissues out and at the ready. Put just a little on a tissue and clean from the center out in a circular motion-quickly. Before the liquid can completely dry. Take a dry tissue and follow up with same circular motion starting from the center and working outwards. If your getting streaks, you using too much fluid. And again, never put a drop directly on the lens! Always on the tissue. :thumbup:

*Not scientifically tested, but was what worked best for me BEFORE the lens pen. ;)

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