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Jan 31, 2012
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Hi all,

Quick question, i bought a 500d with the 18-55mm Kit lens and the 75-300mm III canon telephoto lens..

I have bene reading some mixed reviews about the 75-300mm canon lens and i am keen to make sure i have the right kit for my budget when i go for safari and ensure that i get the best possible pictures for the kit i have..

I am on a fairly tight budget as i am new to photography...

I have got my eye on a sigma dg apo 70-300mm macro lens but wanted to know if it is actually any better than the canon telephoto that i already have?

I think both are similar prices so ideally i would keep the one that is deemed to be better for telephotography?

Will be used for mainly moving shots...

Any one have experience of both lenses that can offer soem advice?


PS. the lens i am looking at is on Ebay , is it generally safe to buy a used lens on ebay? do they tend to last much longer than their warranty period?
Have you gone out and shot your lens to see if you are satisfied with it's performance???

Why would you go buy something else until you decide if you are dissatisfied with what you have?

Don't let something you read on the internet make up your mind for you.

Most mid price range lenses at their optimum f-stops are plenty good and not that much difference between them within their categories.

Now if you are looking for low light lenses with large f-stops you will need to get out your checkbook.

A lot of reviewers make their decisions based on criteria that the average user in normal use would never even notice.
Iv read reviews on both, some are good some are bad which makes it difficult to make a choice really, was hoping to see if anyone had some experience of both and could give their view...
Not had a chance to do any real telephoto yet just a little worried that as i am inexperienced i wont spot any of the limitations with the lens i have until after i have been on safari and end up with Photos that are flawed...

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