Lens Hood

When flare is a problem (the sun)
All the time. Even with out the sun a lens hood can add contrast. Also it stops light from hitting your front elements ant strange angles whether it be from the sun or the lamp in your home. Light is light.
I always use it.

Better safe than sorry.

There may be light hitting your element you don't see in your viewfinder but that becomes apparent in post, at which point it can be a pain to edit out.

Not only for lens flare, but general glare.
As often as possible.

Sometimes I take mine off for street shooting, because it makes the camera less intense looking. Sometimes I take it off for macro if it's blocking the light from reaching the subject...
You never know when you need it, by the time you notice you need one, it could be too late. So why not put it on in the first place unless the lens hood causing some issue. i.e. the hood cast a flash shadow, Stop you from turning the CPL etc.
I always use the lens hood. After a while, it becomes part of your routine. The only time I don't use it is that I have to use the pop up flash. It will cast shadows if you have the hood on.

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