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Sep 1, 2010
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Ok, so I have this N2020 that I found today and I want to buy a lens for it. It currently sports the 50mm f/1.8 (1986 original, not the newer 2002 version). I want to get another lens and I'm a bit confused....

I was thinking about the Nikon (Nikkor) AF 70-300mm 4-5.6 G Lens - but I also want a lens that will be compatible with the D3100 when I get one (for Christmas :D).

I'm a little confused over the AF and AF-S lenses... whats the difference and are they backward compatible? Can I use any AF lens with the D3100?? And what is the difference between a G lens, a D lens and a DX lens?

Oh I'm so confused!! :confused::confused:
AF lenses won't autofocus on the d3100, while AF-S will.

DX lenses are for crop sensor cameras, while FX are for both full frame, and crop. The d3100 is a crop sensor, so I wouldn't worry about buying FX lenses.
1. AF lenses will only auto focus in bodies with a built in focus motor (D90 or better). Will still manual focus on the D3100.

2. AF-S lenses will work on both types of bodies, as the lens has an internal focus motor

3. DX refers to Nikon's sensor size. A DX lens is made for a 1.5x crop factor sensor in Nikon's "consumer" and "prosumer" line, including the D3100. DX lenses won't work great on full frame (FX) or 35mm frame cameras. But FX lenses work GREAT on DX bodies.

4. Nikon D lenses relay distance information to select Nikon cameras (you'd have to check lens compatibility charts to be sure which body will take advantage)

5. Nikon G lenses have no aperture ring

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