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Lens selection


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Jan 18, 2012
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Ok, apparently no one wantsto help me with new camera help. How about i start with lense. I am going to purchasing a new or used dslr shortly. Still have not been able to decide which one. On to lenses, i am going to be taking a cruise to alaska with stops in seattle and canada. With all the different subjects, architecture, landmarks, and amazing wildlife, along with pics of family, what lenses should i buy along with my camera? Large zoom for wildlife? Others? PLEASE HELP. Just getting started and need help. If anyone would like to help with camera selection it would be appreciated also. I posted a question on the other day titled starting over from the beginning. Thank you.
Very broad question. Budget? I would think to do it right you would want everything from wide to long, preferable not in one package. A tripod and circular polarizing filters.
I'm sorry. My budget is around $13-1400.00. For everything. Body,lenses, tripod, etc..I know its not a huge budget, thats why i'm coming to all of you who are much more knowlegable than me. I dont mind the idea of used equipment
With the budget you have, if you wanted to go new instead of used you might consider this setup. D5100, maybe with the kit lens but probably rather the 55-200mm (refurb is extremely inexpensive) for some of the subjects you're looking to capture. Possibly the nikon 35mm 1.8 as your prime for portraits, again very inexpensive but good. There are ton's of decent tripods around the 100 dollar range, an adequate bag maybe half that. That'll all keep you within budget and might be a good starting off point if you're new to dslr.
I'd suggest finding a good used body with a kit lens and then looking at renting a 100-400 just for the trip. Chances are though that you will have the wider angle lens on and then see some critters which will be gone by the time you change lenses.
I've seen some D80 going pretty cheap $400. Or the D90 on this forum. $600 Then you can use the remaining money for 2 good lenses.

Tamron 17-50 f2.8 $320 also on this forum.

And something with a larger zoom.
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Either a 5100 or 600d with a 18-200. Then spend the leftover (300/250) on a decent flash You may want to get wider later on lenswise, but this capures pretty much all of your wishes. If portraiture is not your priority I'd get a 35mm 1.8 for pretty much anything.

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