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Feb 10, 2009
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what do you guys/gals think of this lens? i was thinking of maybe getting this with the macro kit as well.

Lensbaby - The Control Freak
Lensbaby - Macro Accessory

dont have the cash to really go full out with a nice lens right now so this seemed like a good fun lens thats cheap. thanks for the input!
If you like to the look and will enjoy using it, than by all means get it. I have the 2.0 version and more recently the composer and both the macro and wide-angle kit. I enjoy using them to break out of the routine of traditional shooting.
I asked this a while ago, answer basically came back as, yeah it's a good lens but it invariably usually ends up being a nice toy that doesn't work for serious shots.

It's on my to-buy list... but get some decent glass first. Buying a nice lens doesn't necessarily mean several hundred dollars and up for top-end recent glass, you can still get a nice used prime lens for a couple hundred dollars off eBay that will lend some spectacular images.

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