lenses for nikon fm10 and D60


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Mar 20, 2009
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i'm sorry if this is a stupid question, i'm a new photography student and i have a nikon 35mm fm10, and a DSLR D60..

what kind of lens can i use on both camera's?? and what would you recommend?
Technically, just about any Nikon lens can be mounted and used to take photos on either camera, but not very usefully.

The D60 only autofocuses with AF-S lenses and only meters with CPU lenses (AF, AF-D, AF-S, AI-P)

The FM-10 will meter with any lens, but it will only be able to use the minimum aperture on G lenses (Nikon lenses without an aperture ring).

Unfortunately, these two cameras aren't an ideal combination for total lens compatibility between eachother. Nikon makes very few AF-S lenses with an aperture ring, and I think they are all expensive pro lenses.

Also keep in mind that a film camera will have a different field of view at a given focal length than a crop digital camera like the D60.

I suggest using your kit lens and whatever other AF-S lenses you buy for the D60 and picking up a few Series E lenses on eBay for the FM-10. Series E lenses were Nikon's "economy" brand manual focus lenses that were made with cheaper materials at the time, but they are still better-built than today's most expensive autofocus lenses. You can pick a 50/1.8 E and 28/2.8 E for $30 a piece, and a 100/2.8 E for around $100.
that was very useful..
thank you for the fast reply :)

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