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Jul 13, 2003
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Ok sorry to bother but i have a question about lenses... i posted some time ago your opinion about the D100 - Nikon so after sleepless nights i bought it... but as you know for fotography we need a lens too so i am looking for a ( or two) lens(es) because the major thing i'll use it for is for sportsphotography (distance about 25 meter not futher) en also general photography but there is something i don't understand.... the prices for example Nikon lenses and sigma lenses, for example i was looking for a 28-200 mm , f3.5-5.6 from Sigma , official price 319 euro, same lens from Nikon 865 euro ..... is the Nikon so much better he cost more then the double? as you see i am starting in photgraphy but i am asking myself if it is not wurth buying the sigma and for example buying another from sigma 28-70 mm, f2.8 (599 euro)for the price of one nikon i have two sigma lenses which i can use always as my budget is 900 euro............ whit the nikon one it is almost impossible to make other pictures as the D100 makes it all X 1.4 that means that the 70-200 becomes a 100-300 almost so useless to make other normal pics.....HELP!!!!!!! If there are other suggestion please say maybe 28-200mm?
Why do you want two lenses that cover the same focal lengths? A pure waste. The 28-70 2.8 would be a good choice to start, then buy a zoom in the 70-200 range or 75-300. Even if you had to wait a while for economic reasons, it would be worth it.
well here is what I did, first I got a multi-purpose 28-135 mm for my 10D. The 10D and the Nikon have a zoom (crop) factor - your Nikon zooms x1.5 due to a smaller sensor area compared to 35mm film.
The above mentioned lense would be a 42-202mm lens. A quite impressing/very useful range.

My suggestion is to add a (super) wide angle prime or zoom (I got a 15-30 mm Sigma - great lense). Nikon has a 17-35, I believe - on the D100 it becomes a 25-52mm. If you need wide angle...

If you need a greater zoom than the 135mm (202mm on ur cam) get a 100-300mm for example.

Always depending on what you want to photograph and how much cash you have to burn...

If you're a super-quality-freak go with primes for ur most desired focal lenghts... The zooms are good when you want to travel "light" Avoid a 28-200mm
I have 2 sigma lenses a 28-70mm (2.8-32) and a 80-200mm (2.8-32) and would put them up agenst and nikon lens for the price. Save your $$$ get the sigma lenses and if you can get up to 300mm or more with a good F stop get it I alwasy wish I had a little more then a 200mm and am in the market for a 400mm plus lens.

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