Lift Bridge: C&C please


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Feb 19, 2009
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Houghton, MI
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Hello all! I would love critiques on this photo. I was deliberately trying to contrast with this photo which I took last year. The color photo (while definitely colorful) feels very "touristy" to me, and in this (B&W) photo, I was trying to focus more on the bridge in its surroundings, while also giving a bit of the bleak feeling which one gets up here in the winter.

One particular question: would you crop out some of the sky?

IMO, the bridge would have a taller feel if cropped. The mountains in the backround are dwarfed by the large sky.
Heh, actually those aren't mountains -- just bluffs. They are very steep, but only about 300 feet tall. But yes, I agree that they could be "bumped up" by careful cropping...

That said, I am actually wondering if what I had intended originally is actually working: that the tall vertical orientation emphasizes the verticality of the bridge.
I dont mind the sky but it could be a little smaller. I think cropping the sky out will help some in making the bridge look taller for sure.

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