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Feb 11, 2010
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Has anyone tried the beta for this new imaging editor? New to market July 14th.

My first take on it is Very Cool....

Oloneo - Home
Looking at the preview video, all I have to say is WOW. That's some pretty cool stuff if it works as good as it does in the video.
I think if you have PS_CS5 you pretty much have the Raw editor, HDR, and noise reduction covered but the Re-Light looks really interesting.

I've never seen anything like it.
Quote From the Website:

"The Mac OS version of Oloneo PhotoEngine is not available at this time. The product runs with good performance on a dual-core Mac with Parallels Desktop 5."

Quote From Me:

Wow those are some pretty impressive features. I'll have to check it out... and find something to shoot to play with it with!
Hmmm, anyone know if the 64bit beta is out yet? I saw a notice that they hadn't gotten it done yet but that was dated July 14th. Didn't see anything about the 64bit version being released yet.
Not sure about it, I just installed it on my win 7 64 bit at home comp and it's working fine
It should work fine, but it will not "see" the additional RAM usually inherent in a 64-bit system.
32-bit application issue:
The first beta is a 32-bit application. I have to be a bit technical to explain the implications:
A 32-bit application runs on 32-bit and 64-bit systems without issue but with limitations. If you are running Oloneo PhotoEngine on a 64-bit system with, say, 8GB of RAM, PhotoEngine will "see" and use only 2GB of RAM because it is a 32-bit application.

If you are working with high resolution files (greater than 16Mpix), such as Canon 5D Mk II Raws, you will hit pretty quickly the 2GB limit. Remember that Oloneo PhotoEngine is a true 96-bit per pixel, wide gamut and high dynamic software. In such an environment, assembling multiple high resolution Raws requires quite a bit of memory.
Since I am indeed shooting with a 5D2 I wonder about this.
Post a question about the timing of the 64 bit version...I notice they answer questions on a regular basis.
So I went out and shot some landscapes this evening and decided to mess with them in Oloneo. Here's the one I felt like sharing:



This weekend I think I'll set up something with multiple light sources and try the HDR re-light feature - that seems pretty fun.
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