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Sep 8, 2020
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I recently acquired a Hassleblad 503CX and have shot a few rolls and I'm noticing a common issue. I've been getting my film processed at the same place and I've had issues with them before, but I'm not sure if this is an issue with the camera or the processing. There's a few exposures on each roll that have really bad light leak issues, even when there's no light present. It's always on the left side of the exposure. It only occurs on maybe 1 or 2 of the 12 exposures. I even tried capturing the stars one night and there were absolutely no light sources around me. Below are a few examples.


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That's a light leak, not flare.
That's a light leak, not flare.
Thank you, I've updated the post. Any idea what could be causing that? Would that mean it's definitely an issue with the camera?
Old and/or damaged light seals.
It definitely looks to me like a light leak. It is very likely that the light seal on either the body or magazine is faulty. I am not familiar with your specific camera and exactly where the light seal is located, but there are lots of online tutorials showing how to replace a faulty light seal. All you need is some craft foam and some adhesive and a sharp cutting tool to make a small strip of foam to re-glue. This is a very common situation.
Yes, light leaks.

Do Hassy's even have light seals? I've never used a Hasselblad in my life though I've bought and sold a few. Light seals are usually found in Japanese cameras, which a Hassy is not. So, I don't know. Perhaps it is a damaged or badly fitting film back.
Hasselblad film backs have a mechanical light seal(blue line) between the back body housing and the back mounting plate, notice the screws(red circle) that secure the back mounting plate to the back body. When you remove a dark slide that light seal blocks light from streaming in, it looks to me they are in need of replacing. When you store your empty film backs always remove the dark slide as it will compress the light seal as it ages. The seal is also made up of two components, foam and foil, it isn't just foam or felt since installing and removing the dark slide would deteriorate the seal.

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