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Sep 13, 2010
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I posted a few photos from the side of the Dead Sea at night that I wasn't so sure about a while back. I have been saving this one for a good time. I guess I felt like it was time to be done with my Israel album. There are still a few more but I really like this one. Let me know what you think.

Salty Lights by Nadia & Casey Photography, on Flickr
That is very interesting! Just salt left over from when the water evaporated? What are the lights in the back?
I think it was some kind of electric transformer but Im not really sure. We were there only for a few minutes as a security guard drove by and told us get out. It was near a massive magnesium factory right next to the Jordanian border and there was no shortage of barbed wire and machine guns. He even told us that beyond the embankment in front of the light there were land mines.
Thanks so much. I think this was around 8PM. The sun was going down around 5 so it was dark but the moon was almost full. The light on the salt is the lights of the security car as he passed behind me then pulled over to tell me it was a very good idea to get out of there fast.

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