Light seal replacement day


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Jun 20, 2021
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Today set about replacing my M-1 (OM-1)
light seals, this was my first ever attempt but am very very happy with the result.

After doing much extensive online research I used cotton yarn for the top and bottom channels with just a drop of glue at each end.

For the hinge and mirror buffer I could not find adhesive backed felt anywhere so settled on the fluffy strip of a self adhesive Velcro set and this worked great.
Next lift the top cover and check if I need to get rid of the aged gooey foam but luck of luck that job had already been done.

Final job then was to drop the viewfinder lens and give that a good clean to get rid of the black dots - all clear.
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I love the fact that folks are willing to share their methods and results.

Some folks cringe at the idea of doing anything to their camera.

Thanks for posting .
I'd only add that the yarn is borderline overkill, especially if the film door requires some pressure to close now. Those seals weren't about excluding light as much as moisture and dust. The edge of the film door fit into the channel in the body and created an effective light baffle. I've scoured old goo from a small pile of Nikons and Minoltas and never saw leaks caused by absent film door foam. Decayed/absent hinge seal foam is nearly always the cause of most light leaks.

Where are you located? Thin, adhesive-backed foam sheets are usually available from craft stores like Michael's or even Walmart sometimes.

Older, "heavy metal" SLRS from major makers are tough, provided they weren't beat to death. Bemused by '60s-'70s cameras I've found, often in near-mint shape, that got dragged out for holidays and birthdays but otherwise languished in bags tucked in closets for decades.

Nice work. Keep at it.
I have re-sealed many cameras. I tried yarn once. It shed fibers that were attracted to the film like a magnet. I never used it again. I only use foam now.
I have re-sealed many cameras. I tried yarn once. It shed fibers that were attracted to the film like a magnet. I never used it again. I only use foam now.
Yup. The yarn thing never made sense. No clue where/when it started since no camera I ever saw used it.
Noted on the yarn comments, i will keep an eye out for fibres detaching.

I am outside the US and currently living in a not 'first world' country, arts and crafts stores here not only do not stock the adhesive felt sheets but don't seem to have any idea what it is ! As such I have been forced to ‘improvise’. However so far the door closes without much pressure and no loose fibres yet but will certainly keep an eye on this when changing film and thanks for the heads up.

I was particularly happy to see the prism foam job was already done by a previous owner - looked a really messy and delicate job that I was not looking forward to. Still awaiting the return of my first few rolls from processing (up to 3 weeks processing time here…).

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