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John Williams

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Dec 12, 2007
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Hi all, i'm new to the forum and am in need of sum feedback for my lightbox images. Any criticism or feedback will be appreciated, heres my image ...


It just doesn't seem white enough on the background to me but my monitor colours and brightness might be a little off. so anything i can try to improve the image will be great. Thanks

Ok this edit was quick and not good at all. First off the this picture is just there to me there's nothing that just stands out that make me want to buy it.. maybe a different angle and def more lights.

For the editing I started off but increasing the brightness and contrast. And then i kicked up the exposure a little bit this picture is small so anything i did made it grainy so sorry for that especially resaving it. But that was about it you're on the right track keep it up and get some more lights
Ok, thanks for the previous advice. Heres my ghetto setup in my room, the lights on the sides are 500watt and the one on the front is 150watt(and i have another one of these not used). Is this not enough light? should i put them in a different place? or is the cloth on the side not letting enough light through?


Thanks Again.

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