MY first paying job [:

Igor Lubenski

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Nov 16, 2007
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a few weeks ago some i saw a post here

and i wrote what I thought about his work...some of you told me that i mean:lol:
but seriusly,when you take money for your work so fo it right,or don't take money....

to be fair here's mine first paying job,whit a girl who wanted some pictures and paid me 30$ ( 120 shekels).i shot her twise.the second time
i had only about an hout to shoot her....i asked her to come in the morning but she came in noon....and with the israely sun,it's hard:meh:
anyway here's a few shots from this shoot....


they are good shots, only big improvement would have been if you had focused on her eyes, they don't really pop out at all and that is normally a big focal point for most portraits. number 2 and 3 are my favorite, number one the flowers in her hand are a bit cut off
actually in the portraits i did focus on the the original and the print it looks better ]=
but in the body shots you was kind of hard...i missed the eyes and the focus was on necklacse,hair etc' ...

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