Lighting help -- SB700 does not trigger with Cowboy unit.


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Apr 21, 2011
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I tried taking some images this morning with OCF and my YN560s triggered just fine with my D90 and my Cowboy radio units. I tried to add a 3rd light (my SB-700) and it will NOT trigger with the Cowboy units.

I have tried setting it on manual, i-TTL (I know it's not compatible), etc, but it will not trigger.

Is anybody familiar with this combination and can help me with the set up? It seems very simple with radio units but I'm not having luck with these. I'm confused. :confused:

To answer my own question, the YN 560 powers down after 1 minute of non-use (Duh!), which I failed to realize. Turn it off and turn it back on and it works fine.

It's not an SB-700 issue.
Yeah, remember those portraits I posted a couple weeks ago and we agreed that her face was underexposed? I just realized the same thing was happening then--the SB-700 was not triggering at all so I was getting no lights on her face. Duh.

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