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Aug 13, 2007
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I'm loving the new integrated workflow in Lightroom and PS CS4 but something strange is going on. Normally, when you're working on a picture in LR and click on "edit in PS" the picture opens in PS. But suddenly I experience that it opens PS AND a dialogue box called "open as". No picture - what's going on?

You need to export it and tell LR to open in PS.
Nope, not with the new version of Lightroom and CS4
You set what you want LR to open when you right click and select EDIT, you can also off that same menu choose EDIT WITH "X". At least that is what mine does.

Oh, for those that recently upgraded to v.2.3... are you now seeing that dreaded memory hog issue? It is now there even for the 64-bit users. I reverted back to v.2.2 and all is well again. Besides, I do not need support for D3x cameras. :)
It is? I just got lightroom, and it came as 2.0. I knew about the 2.2 memory leak and wanted to hear about about people's thoughts on 2.3 before I upgraded. That sucks. Am I missing anything useful/important by still being on LR 2.0?
Compatibility with certain cameras. 2.2 covers me and the D700 RAW file support and doesn;t give me the mem leak on 32 or 64-bit machines. That v.2.3 was terrible. I cannot understand why LR needed 7 gig of ram and kept taking more. V.2.2 stays at between 200-500mb of RAM and works fine for me.
I have no memory problems at all but then my catalogue has only the 7000 images I am currently working on in it. I have other issues but they are probably related to Windows 7 graphic drivers since I receive the same type of video corruption in my engineering design software.
Could be true, but I hate Vista with a passion and use only 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP. I have an 8gb machine and watching LR take up over 7GB of ram on a catalog with 25 pics in it and doing NOTHING was quite interesting. I brought up Task Manager and watched it grown from 300mb to over 7300mb in about 20 minutes. The computer was doing nothing at the time and the only app running was LR. As soon as I "upgraded" back to v.2.2 all went back to it's nice normal functionality.

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