Lilies - Morning & evening light


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Aug 6, 2012
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near St Louis
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Lilies in our front yard. Shot a few in the evening and again in the morning light. How is the exposure? C&C welcome.

1. morning light

Lily1w by Cheryl3001, on Flickr

2. evening light

Lily2w by Cheryl3001, on Flickr

3. evening light

Lily3w by Cheryl3001, on Flickr
Thanks Ron for the feedback. I check the histogram on the first one in ACR and there is room to bump up without clipping the highlights. Trying to get it right in camera. Too bright and lose texture.

Here is another one from this morning. I am not sure if I like the dappled light.

Lily7w by Cheryl3001, on Flickr
Cheryl, that last one looks nice. As for clipping the highlights, I understand, I was having trouble this weekend shooting colored flowers myself. I was getting them oversaturated.
Yeah, over saturated! I had a nice shot composition wise with 3 flowers, but holy heck no matter what I did with them in ACR they came out baby diaper orange-yellow with a hint of brown. :lol:
Can you pull back the saturation in just that color with ACR? I use LR4 and here is one that I had to pull back the red and yello back on to get this color to look close to correct.

Flowers-8 by Ron_Lane, on Flickr
Ron, ACR does have a panel to target colors for saturation & luminance. I've used it to boost, but haven't tried de-saturating. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks ktan7 (unless you were referring to Ron's flower. ;) )

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