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Jan 18, 2021
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I was going through some of my racing photos and found this little gem. Shot at Lime Rock Park Historic Races in Connecticut in 2018 with a Canon Power Shot A570IS. I usually carry this little guy for hip shots, but I've found myself playing with the Sony A6000 this year, so I think I may give the mirrorless a go for this years races. This photo is original format with NO LR or PS alterations. Critiques always welcome.


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You might want to have a read of this first seeing as you've posted this in the C&C section.

You might want to have a read of this first seeing as you've posted this in the C&C section.

Yah. I did.
Ah well then :aiwebs_016:
Obviously, not the forum for me.
For future reference General C&C is not a good way to get useful feedback on an image. You may get some but people will be lazy and just post opinions with no real meat. If you take time evaluate your own image and focus what it is you need help with it will get you better feedback.

Try and fill out as much as you can below.

-Tech Specs
Make model of Camera/lens
Shutter speed, aperture, iso
Aperture priority/Shutter priority/Manual etc.

Strobes, speed lights and at what power.
Natural light time of day.

-Why did I take the shot?
Just playing around is not sufficient or people will just play around with the feedback. Was it a great sunset? Trying a new technique? There's always a reason to hit that shutter button.

- What was the goal?
What image did you have in mind when you took the image?
Was there a specific learning goal?

- Did I achieve my goal?
This is where you honestly look at your own image. Do you see anything that looks off, takes your attention away from the subject, etc.

- If I could, what would I change?
Everyone should be able to answer this one. There's always that one or two things that you could have done different/better.

-What critique am I looking for?
General critique will get you general feedback. Try and find what you think you need help with and lay it out for us to provide assistance. This will not limit the feedback you get but will ensure that you do get feedback on this topic.

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