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Dec 12, 2007
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I've had my D40x for over a month and took some great shots with it. But as I see the prices and reviews for some of the AF-S lenses I am becoming more aware of the D40x's limitations. I already have a few lenses in my sig that will not auto focus with the D40x, I was looking into the D50. I was thinking that I should sell my D40x and buy a D50 body and use the rest of the money on glass. My only worry is that the D40x has a 10.2 mp sensor as where the D50 only has a 6.1 mp sensor. Is this that limiting? If so, do you think I should just sell my D40x, and save up for a D80? Thanks for your replies.
I don't find it limiting at all. Unless I want to crop a ton or print huge...neither of which I have needed to do yet. D50 is a great camera and you could prob find one for a good price.

Link below has my shots i've done with my D50
Thanks, any one else with some recommendations?
I figured I'd just pick up a used D80, same mps and has the autofocus motor built in, solves both of my problems :)
I have a D80 and a D40 and wish my D80 had the 6MP sensor isntead.

- I rarely need the extra MP's and hardly ever crop that much.
- The 6MP sensor is a half stop better at high ISO
- You get 1/500s flash sync on the 6MP bodies vs only 1/200s on the 10MP
- The 6MP sensor is cheaper.
- Smaller file sizes means less clogging of your disks.

I'd look for a used D70s or a D50 too. Both are great bodies.
So you really think the 10 mp wouldn't make that much of a difference, I mean I rarely crop and I wouldn't even print out something larger than an 11 x 14. Most of my pics are viewed online, so it wouldn't even make a difference right?
Personally, I don't think the 4mp difference is a big deal at all unless you crop a lot... if you are shooting mostly wide angle-to-mid you won't be cropping much anyway... and if you are planning on doing really big prints (20x24 and larger) on a regular basis then you prolly should be thinking about a D80/D200/D300 class camera instead.

A lot of people love their D40's and D40x's because they take great pictures... the image quality is REALLY good on them... and they are both light and inexpensive.


That whole AF-S thing is a real problem for a lot of folks as well. You get around that with a D50, even though it is an older design, bigger and heavier.

If it were me, since you all ready have the D40x, I would hang on for a bit and save your pennies up enough to buy yourself a D80 and go that way, instead of moving "backwards" in resolution...

The D80 is vastly superior to the D50 and well worth the extra money it costs.

If you can afford to keep both bodies, that would really be excellent, then you could have the best of both words. The D40 series makes a killer walk around camera for vacations and day long trips where you don't want to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Disclaimer: I have a D40 and D80, I have never owned a D50 but have shot with one.
If you want to read this.. It explains Megapixels.

I went with the D40 over the D40x. because I couldn't justify the extra money. But... Megapixels only matter.. like others have said, if you are cropping in majorly.. Or blowing an image up.

I wouldn't worry about mega pixels, just read the link i sent you.. or browse over it.

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