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Dec 30, 2007
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I am looking for links for canon rebel stuff software anything. I have the cam but just want more info and links let me know.
do you have the manual? and as for software it really depends on how much money you want to spend, your needs, etc... photoshop elements is good
I have googled just talkin to the comunity here. I have photshop and it is great i am looking for do's dont's how to's that stuff ect.
Read the manual. Install the CD that came with the camera.

If you want to learn something and are total "Understanding Exposure"'s even good if you know a bit...but I'm guessing you don' it'll be a lifesaver book. It's REALLY simple to understand, and you can't put it down.

What specifically are you looking for? That would probably help us more than "dos and donts". What type of photography are you doing? What problems have you encountered?

Go out and shoot...
Yeah i have gone out and shot. I am just trying to learn the cam better first i dont have the book. That book will help? I am doing mostly outdoor shots.Some indoor but i am taking steps. I have had the cam for a lil while and just been shootin and not paying attention to the extras put it on the green box and shoot well that is old time to really learn the cam.
Yes but i dont have XT i only have rebel does that make a diff
maybe not. principles will be the same. menus may be different.

try looking on canon's website for a tutorial on the rebel.....that's where i found the link above.

hope this helps....good luck
what are you wanting to learn specifically?
what kind of photography are you planning to do?
Whatever i can i need to get out of just shootin in the 1 mode this cam does so much i am working on outdoor rite now
i can help you with "modes". what mode are you in right now?

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