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    hi! I'm buying my first DSLR camera and because I don't know a lot about them I would like some a advice. My budget is limited, therefore I would like to buy the best I get for a low price. I was surfing on the web and found some cameras that I liked:
    sony a290, a390
    nikon d3000
    canon eos 1000d

    Which do you recomend (other recomendations are also welcome :D)?

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    D3000 cause its Nikon or the Canon version. If you can get the D5000 or the D90.
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    Any of those will work just fine. They all are more than capable of producing nice photographs. The subtle differences between them are likely to remain meaningless to you until you have a year or two of experience under your belt. For example, I use Nikon cameras because the metering system used in all their dSLR cameras is color aware. Canon only has 2 cameras that have color aware metering and the least expensive of those is $1800 or so, without a lens.

    With dSLR cameras how nice the photos are has more to do with who is operating the camera, than the camera itself.

    To put things into perspective for you Nikon and Canon have 85% of the dSLR market with Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Sigma, and the rest splitting up the remaining 15%.

    So, you will find help more readily available if you stick with Nikon or Canon.

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