Little Hill


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Mar 9, 2007
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Houston, Texas
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hey, this picture was taken with a point and shoot film camera a while back. C&C appreciated. Thanks

Hah I like it. Kind of lingers in the zone between snap and composition, keeps pulling in two directions. The half bike sticking out is kinda creepy too...
I like how the road is coming in on the left and essing up and off to the distance. The blackspots on the road look funny, like the larger one could be the shadow from the Mickey Mouse ears hotair balloon.

The sky looks a bit funny, but could be a download issue.

The position of the bike is a bit meh.

What intrigues me though is the thingy on the right edge of the image. It looks like a green mailbox the has had an M-80 with buckshot glued to it go off.

Thanks for sharing.
hahaha, thanks for the critique guys, yeah, the sky is a bit blow out in the original image, it look a bit boring, I wish there were cloud or something.

As for the bike, I thought it was appropriate to have the bike on top of the hill but yeah the position of it is up to you.

And I didn't see Mickey Mouse until you point it out. The thing on the right was a street sign that got cut

Does anyone out there think the color is a bit....too much??

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