Local Area's Top 100 High School Ball Players (Girl's Softball and Boy's Baseball)


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Dec 5, 2012
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Being scouted by a plethora of SE USA college coaches. Unfortunately, just about the time I started to get a decent shooting rhythm going, it started raining...fortunately, though, I remembered to bring my camera's rain gear. The guy's field was much better lit so I was able to get some pretty decent exposures but the softball field was pretty dim. I think I shot there mostly as ISO 4000. Number 6 was shot through the safety netting. In number two, the hitter shot a line drive foul that went right over my head...it was sort of funny.

1. $8999117404_f1b63bd044_o.jpg 2. $8999505016_110f744de4_o.jpg 3. $8999117198_4d38bcd242_o.jpg 4. $8997508889_2b6c4dd98d_o.jpg 5. $8998683746_f5ba45c3ca_o.jpg 6. $8997474927_413978fa44_o.jpg 7. $8997475051_eb772407ce_o.jpg 8. $8997475213_5287fef8e5_o.jpg
Thanks! There were a couple shot at ISO 2500 and I think the one at first base at 100 before I realized that wasn't going to work for action shots. The girl's softball shots were at 4000. I used some of the NIK tools to soften the ISO noise as well as some to selectively sharpen some areas. I like NIK's tool infinitely better than Topaz.
Bump...I do appreciate John's notes, but really..only one response to this series...???

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