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Aug 21, 2010
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Santa Barbara, CA
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Well i feel its time to put these up and see what the opinion is so. Worth a shot i suppose :) Thanks ahead of time!.



I wish i didn't have to reduce them, but rules are rules!
Nicely done; for images such as these, I would suggest spot-metering, especially on the egret(?) in order to avoid the blown highlights. A polarizer might also help to reduce the glare/reflections from the water which are an unfortunate distraction.
Thanks for the advice! On more of a side note, I try to shoot closer to sunset to get a softer, natural light. Is that still the best time to shoot? or is there another time of day that works well with avian photography?

I prefer the morning light, but both are good. As for the best time for avaian shots, I'm afraid I know only slightly more about birds than I do about particle-matter physics.
Really like the second shot there, framed really nice but yes the highlights being blown out are a distraction.

In the first one, I think there's a bit too much empty space around the subject; tighter crop may work.
I prefer dawn light to evening for birds. As mentioned, egret whites are difficult and spot-metering or a few stops negative comp is often in order to avoid blowing them out. The problem with using a C.P. at dawn is that it cuts a couple of stops off your lens when you can least afford to lose the speed. Good start! Keep it up!

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