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Logging in the 51st State?


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Aug 16, 2006
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Ely England
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Guess where.

Flying the Flag

Remembering those from two world wars.

My son logging and a Belgium Horse clearing the logs. The horse and hander come from our village working at the American Cemetery Maddingly, Cambridge - about 20 miles from Ely. The horse is employed to cause less damage to the ground than tractors.
I was really interested in the first one; I like the contrast between the traditonal-style horse and your son in the modern gear. It also looks like a really overcast, grey day and I suppose the second image confirms that, has to be England! To me the nature of it was stinking of black and white!

I made the black and white edit but I'm actually not too sure. With the black and white I'm not getting the old vs new thing. I think it's more of a documentary piece.


But yeah, an interesting scene. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for taking the time out to play! I see what you mean - looks as if it could be a print from one of the 100 yr old glass plates i have taken round our village in the early 1900's.

The "Modern Man" trained at Newton Rigg Cumbria and for a while was Tree Officer at Carslile.
Penrith and Carlisle! I know them quite well. I used to live 18 miles from Penrith. Penrith was the biggest town, other than Hexham, that wasn't too far to drive to for the weekly shop. How fun living in the middle of a moor is.

You've done glass plate work?
You've done glass plate work?[/QUOTE
I rescued four boxes of ilford 5x4 plated from an outhouse - some water damage but got some very good prints from a good few - all taken around the Parish 1910-1912.

I started in 1948 with my father's pre war Zeiss 1/4 plate, dish developing and contact printing before being let use his Iconta 120 roll film.

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