LOL what the heck is that


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May 10, 2007
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Slapamonkey, New York
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I was processing some of my older negs today when I found this, It's like a skid mark on my neg, I don't know if I was shooting something or what but I think it's cooler than hell.


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No, it's not a sword, I know my swords very intimately and that ain't one of them. It was a #1 frame so I would not be surprised if it was a frame waste release I tend to do but...
Dunno what it is...

Maybe I've been spending too much time with the kids, but I think it might be a macro of the arm attachment of the Playmobil Deep Sea Diver....

Maybe I've been spending too much time away from the wife, but I think it's turning me on...
At first when I saw the neg I thought maybe it was a night shot that a car passed threw on, but that is definately not the case. I can't say as though I blame the processors for not priting this but I just might have to send out for an 8x10 :mrgreen:

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