London...very cold and dark.


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Jul 21, 2005
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Some shots from tonight.

I went to try and get some practise for a panoramic shot I'm planning... I heard the canon image stitcher was good but clearly it just doesn't like me, so I've just added one wider shot which at full size is pretty dodge in places.... I'll keep trying for now.

Anyway, took a few other London Eye randoms while I was down that way freezing my arse off.



The horizon on the last one looks crooked but other than that they're fanstastic, especially the first one.
Yeh Im aware the last has issues down to trying to stitch, so Im going to keep practising that.

Thanks for the comments :biggrin:
Yes, the symmetry of the first, the converging lines all leading to the bottom of the London Eye, its opposing roundness, the repetition in the trees, the way the foremost frame the "Eye", and the colours all add up. I like the first very much.
Good luck on your stitching. That is something I have never tried to do - ever.
Oooo, oooo, oooo! Next time you go you HAVE to take me! They're great.

Have you tried PanoTools?
Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it; the plan is to achieve a good pano to print and frame as a christmas gift for my parents, so its practise practise practise for now.

I haven't tried Panotools, I don't think the software is the problem anyway, it was my photos. I hadn't tried it before and I reckon I haven't got the knack of setting up the shots correctly for stitching just yet. I might try again tonight, since I love loosing the feeling in my fingers and toes so much and all that.

Ferny, arrange another meetup and get your arse back into London then, you've no excuse you're only up the road! Once in 8 years, pah!
Ok then. Monday at your place. But I've got to be back home by 8 as I've got a dinner to go to. :mrgreen:

Unless your photos are really bad it should do it. You can select points on each photo which you want to line up and it'll do all the work for you.
Holy macaroni.... I am in love with the first one, do you mind if I set it as my wallpaper? x]
Not at all, but the low res will prob look pants.
I too absolutely LOVE that first shot! For all the reasons Lafoto stated. And the straightened third one looks pretty good too...wonderful spot from which to take it, with so many well-known landmarks visible.

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