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Jan 29, 2006
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Went out driving today and happened to ride past the park down by the Illinois River. My parents often took me out there to play by the water and such when I was younger. I can remember my Father sitting with me on the benches out there and telling me stories or memories of his own childhood. Now, unfortunately, he's gone. And I miss him terribly.​

This picture's pretty simple, but to me it's got a lot of meaning. I hadn't been out there for quite a while, and I didn't realize how much it would affect me to come back. I spent probably an hour out there today, just recalling the times.​

Thanks for looking ^^​
I get the "lonely" feeling from this photo! Well done! Very sweet story!
Very nice shot, composition and lighting is great. I love the feel to this scene - imagine how many relationships were formed and strengthened while sitting on that bench and sharing stories. This is one of those shots that you just stare at and your mind starts to recall memories of times and places just like it. Great!. Thanks for the pic and the memory you shared.
Hey all,

Thanks for looking and commenting, as always I appreciate it ^^

DestinDave- Yeah it's nice to think how many people bonded there on that bench or any of 'em along the river. There were a lot of times when I'd go out there and see elderly couples together on the benches.. always beautiful to see. I wonder how long they've been together for. ^^

Once again, thanks to all of ya. And I guess I hope I dug up some happy memories in you by sharing my own. ^^
i like this picture! the composition and tones are just right to convey the emotion! nice work!
Well, sorry to be a spoilsport, but I wish the bench was less in the very centre of this photo. All the rest is really good, motif as such (!), tones... but I so wish the camera had moved more to the left to follow that bench's "gaze"... as it were.
I like this picture very emotional...it's sweet having a date in that place...

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