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Jul 25, 2014
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NW Florida
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In my quest to see how much time I can spend making a shot, I attached a 10 Stop filter to my camera coupled to a 720 Nano filter and exposed for 11 minutes and 10 seconds, though I wanted 12, seems like a boat wanted to get out of the water, more, so I had to cut it short. In my experimenting to get the exposure time right - basically simple math, I made the cardinal error of forgetting to close the viewfinder and allowed a significant amount of light into image area, fogging the left and right sides of the image, resulting in a major crop. This technique is usually accomplished with a 15 stop ND that is specifically designed for IR, but I didn't want to spend the money. Silly, cheap me.

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Nice image.

When I want to see how much time I can spend making a shot I take my 4xs5 field camera with tripod and associated gear. :)
I will post one of my longer exposures that I shot on a tripod in the people section and maybe get your input on it =) Love what you did here though.
The image is great....I have not done a lot with long exposures so if I may what was the purpose?
Well, the purpose was to get an infrared image with smoothed our clouds and water. For that purpose, it was successful but I misread the instructions on the "how-to" and used the wrong ND filter. I have since purchased the correct filter and when my new camera arrives, I can take another run at this type of exposure.
I was up in New York a few months ago and did some shots with long exposure across the water at the skyline.. Not infrared and your image is far more striking, but I used the 10-stop filter in bright daylight to do a 1 minute exposure just to eliminate the moving stuff and smooth the water. Love the glassy water in your shot.

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