look who's turning two!


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Feb 3, 2010
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you capture really beautiful expressions and your subjects in all your pictures look so comfortable and natural and relaxed. I really admire that in your photography frommrstomommy. Oftentimes I see technically amazing shots where the subjects just look so rigid or not like themselves, but this is certainly not the case for your work, kudos to you for beautifully capturing people just the way they are, I love your photographs :)

edit: that picture of the child splashing up water is just so beautiful and natural, you just can't ever fake an expression like that!
Good shootin', B! What an adorable kid. Him walking along in the river in #3 is just adorable! I also like the second shot with him splashing the water. His daddy holding him aloft is also a neat picture.
Thank you both! Really kind words hyehunny. This was a really fun shoot!! I was thigh deep in the river for many images from this session. Lol luckily I wore shorts!!
Well done# 3 and 4 my favorites but there all nice.
I think some would argue that the background with the train in #5 takes away from the picture and that there may be too much 'overhead room' but for some reason, it really adds to the picture for me. I think it has something to do with every little boy's love for trains, planes and automobiles. My three year old nephew has a huge train table in his room that he's obsessed with. For me, instead of being a distraction, it somehow becomes a wonderful element of the photo. thumps up!
were these with your 35mm or 50mm?
These were shot with the 50.

I have some others of him staring at the train as it pulled up overhead. He was seriously mesmerized so I had to get one of the train in there with him.
He is a sweet pea! The river shots are very nice, and he looks so happy throughout this set.

Nice work.
My favorite shot is #4 what a great expression the big man has!
I think there is a bit too much green.

If you are viewing mobile that might be why. On my phone they look green too. It just started doing that to my tpf pics recently.

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