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Aug 18, 2006
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Nova Scotia, Canada
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Video holds no interest for me at all yet all of the mirrorless cameras have this built in. My photography is all about stills and looking for a new camera that can be hand-held in low light and still capture good images. Initally, I was looking at the R6 mkii but the R6 is cheaper. If you were taking stills would the mkii offer any advantages over the R6?
I'm thinking in terms of the image stabilization as well as higher ISO to enable me to get by without a tripod except on special occasions. I would appreciate any advice you would care to give. Thank you.
I'll take a stab at this one trying to maintain a 'stills only' response.

We will start with the obvious specs that are different. You will gain another 4MP, get faster WiFi if that's important, a slightly better battery life, much faster fps, and gain focus stacking and some small changes to some dials.

Now for the important part for your questions... From what I've heard/seen the mkii focuses a little better in lower light situations (not sure if it's enough to matter though). I've also heard people says the IS is actually better in the R6 for still photos than with the R6 mkii where they seemed to focus more on IS for video. If subject tracking is important to you, the R6 mkii does have better subject tracking (and adds more 'subjects' that it tracks).

Are those 'minor' things enough to spend an extra $200? That's up to you, but I think you'd be happy with either honestly.

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