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Nov 12, 2007
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I need help. Have been searching for a new bag...for the new camera of course. I am specifically looking to hold a Canon 100-400 lens, attached to a 40D.Have been looking a LowePro/Tamarac. Plus room to hold several other lens/etc. And hopefully room on top for day trip goodies. Place for the tripod to be secure. Comfortable/sturdy. Back pack/sling either is fine. Price under 150 would be nice., but I realize that may not be reasonable.
Is there such a beast? Thanks, Bonnie
It's only 7.4" long...
Which, is shorter than my 70-200.
You could get the Lowepro Fastpack 200 or 250 (depending on if you want a laptop pocket)...it's got a side sling style access panel, and it's a backpack to help support the weight. It's got a little pack on top to put all your normal things in or whatever you stuff in there.
Ah yes that would work. I feel like a cheapie...1400 lens, looking for a cheap bag.I do want something nice, that works for a couple mile walk,practical, but not ugly. Girl thing I guess.Thanks, I appreciate the quick reply. Bonnie

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