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Feb 27, 2007
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Hello folks, I am in the market for a more advanced RAW processing program to tweak my images. Currently I have Canon's Digital Photo Pro. Basically I'm looking for a all in one program (if there is such a thing) to handle noise, sharpening and calibration & correction. Was looking at Adobe Lightroom since I already use CS2. There is also Nik Sharpener plug-in, Darkroom, etc. Any reccommendations or thoughts?
Bah Photoshop CS3 + Camera Raw is an Image editing / graphic design program with a RAW processor bolted on.

I simply don't understand why this insanely expensive program is anywhere near the top of the recommended list when someone asks this question.

Adobe Lightroom is a much better suited program for Photographers especially amatures. And it doesn't cost as much money as a DSLR camera. Even then if you want something more advanced the RAW editor from PhaseOne would be better suited. These programs are simply designed for the post production of photos, whereas photoshop is centred around the creative and complicated manipulation of an individual image.

That said I do use photoshop on about 1 in 300 of my images as it does plenty that Lightroom doesn't, but that has little to do with photography and more to do with creative image manipulation.
Original Adobe CS2 CD at garage sale = $5

Upgrade to CS3 = $199US

It is very worth it.
Thanks Garbz. I was mainly looking at a processing program more than a photo manipulation. Will eventually get CS3, but Adobe Camera RAW is iffy. Doesn't have the functionality that I want. I was leaning towards the Lightroom and will take a closer look at it.
Lightroom, Lightroom, Lightroom.

If you are on a Mac, consider Aperture.

Did I mention Lightroom? ;)
Take a look at Lightzone. Based on Adam's zone system. I just downloaded a free trail version and it looks very interesting and capable. (I presently use DPP, RSP and CS2)

i mostly use CS2, However Ive been using lightroom more recently, I love it.
Aperature would be great if I had a Mac. Unfortunately, switching over my programs (CS2, Corel, etc.) to Mac-base will be like another $3000 upon the PowerMac I want.
I use DPP to process all my RAW. Is there something in particular that's missing for your workflow? Just curious
Just looking for something that can handle sharpening and noisse a tad better. DPP does a okay job, but I figure a more advance program may run better algorythms for a more refined touch. On High ISO shots 800+, the sharpening really adds to the grainieness more than I like. Can be fixed in Ps, but I rather not if possible.

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