Looking for macro lense for SONY A58 (advice please!)

Agie Piccola

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Jun 25, 2017
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Hello people!

I'm looking for a new lense for my camera (SONY a58). In particular I enjoy macro photography and I'd like to invest money in a macro lense. However my budget isn't that big anyway, but still I thin I could buy a merit lense to change a bit my perspective, because though I'm taking photos for five years I never bought another lense. So, it got kind of boring after a while. My budget limit is 300. I'm aware that there is the possibility to find the same lense used (second-hand), but the big question for now would be what lense to buy anyway. Moreover I was thinking about investing money in a lense that probably won't be the best macro lense, but offers other lense possibilities too (for example good for portrait shooting too). I'd appreciate any suggestion and help. Thanks in advance!

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