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Looking for US Mail-In Lab


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Jan 5, 2008
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I am an underwater photographer who shoots color print film with a Nikonos system. I am looking for a lab to process my film and produce photo CDs. I used to use a very good lab locally, but they just went out of business. No other local stores, to my knowledge, do what I need.

I am basically looking for someone who can process and digitize my underwater work to image files that are 2000x3000 pixels or thereabouts and do it well.

Many labs offer low and medium resolution "Picture CDs", but I am looking for higher resolution.

Any advice out there?

Check out A&I in California. I've been working with them for awhile with good results.

They have all levels of scans up to Drum scans for real highend stuff. Just remember that it costs ALOT for the higherend stuff.

Thanks for the A&I recommendation. I've gone to their site, but it's not clear that they do what I want, so I've written and asked.

There does seem to be this split out there: You can either get a cheap, really low resolution picture CD, good for emailing or small prints, or huge (and hugely expensive) professional scans at several dollars an image.

I want what's in between. For about $15 my local lab would process and print a roll. For an additional $5, they'd scan the roll to a CD where each image was 3089 x 2048. The scans were extremely high quality and easily printable, even after some cropping, to an 8.5 x 11.

I'm surprised I'm not finding more places that fit that bill, appealing to what I'll call the advanced amateur or prosumer.

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