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Aug 10, 2005
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so, i'm pretty great at taking pictures. i know...thanks. but heres the thing. i just don't enjoy it that much anymore. ok maybe i do enjoy it, but only certain types of photography. and I sure as hell hate using photoshop after to do all the editing it usually requires to make a picture POP as it were.

has anyone else experienced this?

i was so excited about getting my camera. it was the main point of focus for years. i carried it with me everywhere. and now...it's just a burden. i mean people pay me to take pictures for them and it bothers the crap out of me that after i've taken them they're all "where are the pictures", "i wanna see the pictures". i'd rather watch tv than edit them. like seriously. take them is awesome, but i'm just getting sick of the responsibilities after. maybe i'm just lazy.

blah. this sucks. tell me it's just a phase or something?
it's just a phase or something
Do you want / need the money? Get off your arse and get to work.
Otherwise... as you were.
We'd all rather watch TV or whatever than work. Some work in stuff that can be fun.
No, I don't need the money. And maybe that's what the problem is. People assume I'm doing it for the money, when I'm just asking for the money so it's worth while.

p.s. lostprophet - 2.1/10 on that one.
Every venture into any type of art usually involves this at some point or another. Writers get the block. Musicians (like myself) "hit the wall". Hitting the wall is the frustrating point many years into playing where you progress rapidly and then all of the sudden stop.

You just need new inspiration. When I get to feeling like this, the easiest route for me to take is learn a new style of music that is completely different than what I am bogged down in. I love all forms or rock and blues, so I dabble in bluegrass or folk picking. Works for me. Other words, try a new format, go back to film, just find something different than what you are doing now.
maybe the fun went once you started charging. Sounds like you don't want to be pressurised by people to get stuff done which is fair enough.

Have a break from it for a while. I go through these phases myself. i went for a few years without taking a photo, then one day just got the urge again and started to remember why i enjoyed it in the first place
To me, doing what you love is great, as long as you do it all on your own terms. i.e., nobody is paying you to do it, you're not on a schedule, etc. Once you're tied down to those boundaries, it becomes less fun.

Growing up, I loved computers (I was as geeky as they come), and was programming simple little apps at age 12. I went to school for it. I'm not programming for my job, but I'm administering servers, which I also loved doing when I was growing up. But now I'm paid to do it, and I have to do it a certain way, on the company's schedule. Now it's nothing more than a job that puts food on the table, and I'd rather stay off the computer when I get home.

That's my take on it all anyway... That's also why I'm reluctant to start doing a lot of paid photography. I love doing it, but it's the schedules, deadlines, etc., that get me. I think I just need to take a day for me to go take photos of whatever I want soon... :)
it's just a phase or something

I think it is what the month of November does to people. Just look at the inflation of posts/threads on this very topic. Lost inspiration. Nothing there to take photos of. No more desire to get the camera out.

It must be a November-blues!

To me, November does just this, for sure. It is an AWFUL month! But today we see the last day of November! :cheer:

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