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Aug 25, 2010
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NW Indiana
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Hey all,

Was just taking some photos recently of local wildflowers, and this was one of them. :)


C&C Welcome! Thanks :)
The overexposure does take away from them quite a bit. Compositionally, the photo looks quite centred. When you go back, you might want to measure for the sunlit petals. Or take the photo when the light is less harsh and you don't get as many bright areas and darkly shadowed areas (overcast day, evening or morning light).

A quick edit. My software is very limited. Hope you don't mind.
Thanks everyone for the critique. Without it I wouldn't learn :)

Just for comparison's sake, I've posted the original photo with nothing done to it. Here it is.


Again, C&C is always welcome.
Well, what's been said has been said already: this photo is overexposed, which is a technical flaw that unfortunately takes away a lot, Flawed even said "kills it" for her.
I love this pretty, little, delicate looking flower. It is a little over exposed but not a terrible shot. One thing I like is that you have a whole flower in focus. Many who are new to flower shots will get a stamen or petal in focus and the rest blurred. I think as weighting goes this reads as a bunch of flowers in the middles of the frame. You have left space to the right and left of the area of interest. Seeing as the one flower in the bunch is already clipped on the bottom, why not try a re-crop that emphasizes one of the flowers? The crop below places the largest flower on the top at the right third mark. If you have this shot in RAW you may be able to recover some of the blown highlights. I tried for a couple minutes in Aperture and came up with something that looks like your image can be Ok. To bring back the highlights you end up losing contrast. I could take this image into photoshop for some heavy lifting, but it would be easier to just reshoot, I think.


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