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Aug 31, 2004
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I've heard that when swans pair up they stick together for life. I was told these two have never left the river where I took this. And yes, the swan in the "attention seeker" photo is one of these.


It's also amazing how quickly swans move in the water. Especially when you're using a 300mm lens. :shock:
Congratulations to this photo, ferny!
Water fowl move EXTREMELY quick in the water, especially when you use a 300mm lens, I found that out the other day, too. Boy, how I now admire the bird photographers who get all their birds always in focus!!!

Are these male and female then? Or two males? Do the female swans have these high wings, too, or are theirs always down? Any bird connoisseurs out here to know?

As to its composition this one is very nice!
beautiful light! nice capture :D
Are these male and female then?
I hope so!!! Each year they have cignets. They could even have some right now. They're too far away to check though. :(

Thanks for looking.

I forgot to meantion it's a scanned 35mm print so the colours aren't right. It looks better on the print.

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