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Sep 3, 2009
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I just got volunteered (unpaid) to take photos at an event tomorrow night. I haven't done anything like it before so I was hoping for any tips!!! It will be about 400 people in a reception hall. The light will be equivelant to a wedding reception. i have all the gear in my sig plus an off camera flash bracket that I have not used yet. I also have some flash diffusers. (gary fong, omnibounce and a tiny softbox.)

Should I used the flash bracket or just stick with attaching the flash to the hotshoe? Thanks in advance for any tips, info or reccomended website reading. I am going through strobist now to try to get info too.
I'd probably walk around with the 24-105 @ f/4 ISO 400-800 (possibly higher), and bounce the 430EX every where you can on camera.
Have a great time on the fun shoot! I always prefer bounced over straight-on flash, I'd make use of the bracket over the hot-shoe too just cuz that hot shoe is the debil for anything other than remote triggers =)
Yeah just try bouncing it on camera and use the diffuser.
I wouldn't use a diffuser if I was bouncing. Just bounce. Raise the ISO, bounce up or off walls if you have them. Play around with it tonight, see how it works best.
Thanks, I think I will just have to use a diffuser since bouncing isn't an option. If I remember right the ceilings are about 25 feet high.
I am working tonight but have most of my gear with me... I forsee coworker torture in my future :)

(insert evil laugh here)
Trever - I am showing up a couple hours early (I have to help set up) so I will try bouncing before the event and see what happens!
gryphon, that is true. maybe I can hunt around work and try to make something that doesn't look too hoopty.
I am pretty sure you went thru the event already or maybe you are at it right now. I was just going to say that with the gear you have (a nice FF camera with good ISO performance), you may even get some good results w/o even using a flash. Your 5D MKII should have no problem at 1600 ISO if my 500D can do 800 pretty good.

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