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Dec 9, 2007
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Rock Hill, SC, USA
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I just purchased/inherited (it was supposed to be for my hubbies video camera) a Lowepro Flipside 400 AW pack. I have tried a couple of times to arrange it, but just haven't been happy.

The question that I have is, how do you pack it? Can people post pics of how they pack their backpack? (Not really needing to see just the 400, but backpacks in general.) Do you leave your hoods reversed on the lens? Do you allow for quick design change. Sometimes I will want the longer lens on the body, sometimes the shorter.

What I am trying to fit in is below

canon 24-105 f4
canon 70-200 f4
canon 50 f1.8

There is other miscellaneous stuff (white balance, trigger, spare battery, etc) but I can fit that in with out too much trouble.

Any feedback about how you handle stuff is appreciated.
I have the same issue (for now). My bag won't fit everything i have so i normally leave the D60 and my 70-200 in separate cases. But I like to leave the 50 on my D300 and when I do it doesn't fit in my sling case it's always crooked and when i open the case the dang thing want's to fall out.

i find that if you were to turn your d300 vertically and just fit it into the spot where the lens would go normally its fits a little better, especially with the 50 mounted. its hard to explain what im trying to say. instead of the d300 resting on its bottom, have it resting on its side and push it more towards the middle of the bag i guess.
After a weekend, I came up with the following...


If I want the 24-105 on the camera, I will pull the divider and shift the filters down.

Any other recommendations?

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