Lumi, Hertz & Rob Meetup Pictures!


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Jan 29, 2005
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Ok, so here's a couple of shots....













Thanks for looking!

Oh fun! Glad to see ya'll out and about! Nice shots - can't wait to see more!
Oh, lovely to see that your little mini-meet-up came about. Lovely photos - have only you taken any, Rob?
I took a couple but they were crap.
I'd been up since 5am, put in a full working day, driven 150 miles in bad traffic, got lost in South London (I always do), and turned up about 8pm - and I hadn't eaten since breakfast at 5am. (And I had to do all that in reverse after the meet-up.
It took me a while to work out who I was, let alone where so photos were right out.
That's my excuse anyway.
Having said all that it was worth all the effort and agro even though we were all only together for a few hours.
It never ceases to amaze me how many lovely people we have on this Forum and how every time I get together with any of them how well we all get on.
Lumi and her beau flew off to Rome for a week this morning. When they finally get home they are going to have some good pics to post.
The down-side is that I now owe Rob even more drinks.... :lol:
I had it very easy compared to everyone else! Only 18 minutes from the venue and a proper nights' sleep beforehand! Anyway, as ever with TPF it was a pleasure and we had a good time!

You should all be able to recognise Hertz in the picture, Lumi is the girl with the hat and her fiance/husband (sorry didn't catch which!) is the bloke. The other pretty girl is Lumi's friend who lives here.

Thanks for looking and the kind comments everyone.

For those who care, the pictures were mostly shot using a Canon camera and a Nikon lens, so :p

ahhh good to see you :)
and hehe good to see Graham again :D

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