MAC connoisseurs .. question?


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Jun 27, 2003
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well, after a dreadful month of being on a PC with pop-up mania, system crashes ... and the list goes on :x my hubby decided that it was time for me to get my MAC ibook back :D ... yeh (he was using it for a server at home)

but here's the question ... when i was using it, it had OS 9.2 on it ... but he installed OS X ... which one do u think i should use? ... what are the perks of having OS X as opposed to OS 9 ?? ... i know sometimes software doesnt support X .... help a lady out here :eek: ... im at my wits end with this pc (((((SCREAMS))))))
from personal experience i wouldn't even think about using osX. waaaaay too buggy. things will just stop working for no reason if you use that... unless it's osX 'Jaguar' which has been tweaked slightly to work a LOT better.
None of my mates (also in the design industry) are using osX (well 2 are using Jaguar but that seems to be hard to get hold of/expensive)
I'm running a G4 with 9.2.2 and it's spot on... it came with osX pre-installed and it was just pointless coming into work because i could only get it to run stable for about half an hour in the day. So we partitioned the thing and now it runs both. If you wanna run osX most of the time you'd have to get 'carbonised' programmes which are a little costly.
So for ease of use, cost and general mental stress reasons i'd fully reccommend just using os9.
any good? :)
hmmmmm, that gives me somthing to think about, i mean ... i was very happy with OS 9 ... it was out of commission for about 2 months cause my cats chewed up the adapter cord :x ... so i got used to the pc .... now im at :p
Depends on where you come to OS X from really. As a switcher from Windows to OS X there was next to nothing I could fault OS X for. Was it perfect? Nope. Was it better than Windows? Ab-so-freakin-lutely!! :D

I'm running a 700Mhz iBook (13 months now) and you couldn't give me a PC that I'd keep long enough to use. OS X was close enough to Windows that the learning curve was just that- a curve & not a cliff. Flirted with Macs running OS 9 but the interface was just too different than Windows to make the jump (for me anyway).

Jaguar is undoubtedly better than previous incarnations of OS X, but hey, XP is better than Windows 95 was too. In 13 months of use, the system has never crashed. Ever. Not once. Never. Programs have crashed, but the system just keeps chugging along. And with less system maintenance than I used running Win98SE.

I can't imagine how you could go wrong running Jaguar, unless you have a ton of OS 9 software that hasn't been ported yet.

Just mnsho. :wink:

alright, im running on OS X now 8) ... so if my photos start to look strange, u know why :lol:

also what i've noticed, photos look darker on a pc, as opposed to a MAC :?

my hubby explained to me that new software for OS 9 will no longer be supported by MAC ... so he said, "the time is now for a change"
Just on a side note. OSX is the first time I have considered using a MAC becuase it has Darwin inside. woot! I have shied away from MACs becuase their devotee's are rabid evangelical and annoying. :) heh hhe

And becuase they are so over priced without competion. But, the G5 with OSX is starting to outweight the negatives. :)

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