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May 25, 2007
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Madoc, Ontario Canada
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Hey All, i'm wondering what other mac users are using for applications. Obviously there photoshop, but what else are people using Lightroom? Aperture??

What are people using to create frames on their pics?

Raw Developer. It's the main reason I use a Mac for some of my work. I do most of it on a PC or four.

I dislike digitally-created frames, so I don't create them. It's just a personal preference, that's all.

On my Macbook I use Aperture...
except honestly, I don't like using it...I only use it to upload on location.

I like editing on PC better. They're both great platforms, but my software for PC allows me to streamline everything together.

I could get Lightroom for my Mac, but I already have one copy...that's enough for me for now.
Final Cut Studio, Shake, Garage Band, Toast with Jam, Logic Studio, Quark and Comic Life
I make music with GB and Logic, as well as movies with Final Cut Pro & with shake.

You didn't ask what other PHOTO applications I use... you simply asked what other applications I used.
I use Aperture and PS CS3!

Unlike most people that use it...I actually like Aperture.
I use Aperture and PS CS3!

Unlike most people that use it...I actually like Aperture.

It's not horrible...but there are things lacking. Lightroom is just better in my mind. It's lacking things too..but those lacking features I can live without.
uggh, I've got both. I really dislike Aperture. I don't miss anything about it when I'm using lightroom.
Aperture - also like it
IPhoto - at times, mostly for my personal galleries of random shots out with friends
I use
PS cs3
and adobe lightroom

I love lightroom
as far as your frames I make mine in cs3 by changing the image size and canvas size
For adding frames I use an app called PicMark. it works well if you want to add a very simple fram (and/or watermark) to a batch of pictures.

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