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Dec 9, 2007
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Anchorage, AK
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I was curious about the importance of a flash for a Sigma 105mm macro lens? I'd like to photograph some insects, and some of them at night! There's quite a few choices out there. The ring lights, and then there's the ring lights with the flashes on either side as well. Then there's some with the LED lights. I see that the ones with the LED lights have the option to keep the lights on steady. Would probably come in handy when it's dark outside. Thoughts?
Many IF macro lenses virtually stop down their aperture when focusing in close. I know even though the dimension doesn't change with the MicroNikkor f/2.8 105mm you end up with an aperture range of about f/16 to f/56. At ISO100 an LED light may not be very suitable for hunting insects.

Personally I can't justify the cost of a ring light or a closeup macro flash. I typically use flash for macro but wirelessly trigger my SB-800. also has some good guides on how to make DIY ringflash adapters for speedlights.

Ultimately though it would give a different effect than a dedicated macro lighting setup. I would go for the dual flashes if I had the spare money, ringlights don't allow much creativity with the lighting as far as I know where the dual flashes you can adjust a brightness bias from left to right on many of them.

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